Plain English Editing for Managers and Executives

Editing the work of others is a necessary and significant part of all managers' and executives' roles. It may involve selective value-adding, providing feedback to staff, or major re-writing. It can be very time consuming and often takes place with tight timeframes. More often than not, the need for editing is a source of great frustration for busy managers and executives.

This course will show you how to focus your editing for the greatest improvement, and how to provide targeted feedback to authors in a way that is useful and appropriate. The importance of plain English and reader-focused writing underpins the tips and strategies for effective editing presented in the course.

The course uses real examples of government writing from your business area. It will help you edit documents more quickly and communicate key messages more effectively.


  • 1/2 Day (9am - 12.30pm)

Who should attend?

  • Managers of policy and service delivery teams
  • Managers of corporate services
  • Project and program managers
  • Executives

Number of participants

  • Minimum 10 people, maximum 15 people

Course contents

  • Typical issues with contemporary government writing
  • The importance of plain English writing
  • The reader-focused writing approach
  • How to prioritise your editing
  • Tips for effective editing
  • Strategies for providing feedback to authors


  • Up to 1 hour per participant of personalised post-course advice and support


  • From $200 per person (ex-GST)
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