my Plain English Training Courses

"This program is a valuable initiative with considerable benefit to our staff, stakeholders and leaders." (Peter McKay, Deputy Commissioner, Public Service Commission, April 2016)

While writing is a critical aspect of all public service roles, most public servants struggle to write clearly and succinctly. The result is wasted time and effort for staff and senior managers in multiple reviews and continual re-writing.

Perfect Documents provides plain English writing courses, tailored for government staff and government documents. My courses offer:

  • small class sizes
  • short courses (half-day and full-day courses)
  • flexible course scheduling
  • I come to you and use your meeting room
  • use of real writing examples from your department
  • pre and post-course advice and support
  • extensive government writing experience
  • reasonable rates (starting at $200 per person, ex-GST).
My plain English writing courses include:
  • Plain English Writing for Government for a wide range of government staff, induction programs and anyone new to government
  • Plain English Writing for Government - a Refresher for experienced government officers, including policy, program and corporate staff
  • Writing technical documents in Plain English for Government staff who need to write technical reports, policies and procedures
  • Plain English Editing for Managers and Executives to help managers and executives edit documents, prioritise their editing work and provide constructive feedback to authors.

All training courses are tailored to the particular needs of you and your team.

Please call 0414 103 630 or contact me for further information.

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