Survey results of writing training participants (to date):
  • Did you find the session useful for improving your writing in Govt? Average response 4.7 out of 5
  • Was the session interesting and engaging? Average response 4.6 out of 5
  • How would you rate the presenter's knowledge of the subject? Average response 4.8 out of 5

Comments by training participants:

"The best writing course I've attended in my career. Great tips and easy to understand and apply at work immediately." (Senior Consultant, DAF)

"Excellent - wish I had attended earlier in my career." (Principal Contract Officer, DCSYW)

"Good length. Straight to the point so we didn't get bored. Very useful tips." (Senior Ranger, QPWS)

"The session was really well structured. Matt's experience in senior government roles provided a great level of insight." (Principal Policy Officer, DATSIP)

"Really excellent - didn't know I'd learn so much." (Manager, DAF)

"A potentially dry subject made fun and interesting." (Senior Project Officer, DNRME)

"Exceptionally valuable course. Should be a refresher each year." (Team Leader, DES

"Matthew was an excellent presented who provided concise, useful information that will be directly relevant to my role. (Senior Policy Officer, DES)

"Excellent - glad I attended. I learned plenty!" (Principal Manager, DAF)

"Excellent - one of the best training sessions I have been to in my career. " (Principal Conservation Officer, DES)

"An excellent course with practical advice and take home messages which can be shared across the team." (Program Manager, QRA)

"Very useful. Would recommend for all government employees." (Administration Officer, DNRME)

"Good pace. Great tips. Thanks!" (Director, DCSYW)

"Very clear, concise - good use of examples." (Senior Advisor, OIR)

"Awesome course! Great presenter." (Project Officer, DES)

"Fast, relevant, to the point - great." (Senior Communications Officer, DES)

"Course was a great combination of activities and content. I took away a lot of lessons." (Project Officer, DNRME)

"Very relevant with Matt's government background." (Administration Officer, DES)

"Engaging presentation, real examples, clear tips." (Executive Director, DES)

"Excellent. Will recommend to colleagues in other departments." (Senior Policy Officer, DNRME)

"Very practical. Great tips. Directly related to my job." (Principal Advisor, OIR)

"Good use of real examples to illustrate improvements to language." (Team Leader, DNRME

"Excellent session - very useful tips, tricks and examples. Great level of interaction - right amount of talking vs participation." (Manager, DES)

"A very useful session, particularly for someone new to Government." (Administration Officer, QPWS)

"Very useful course. Should be compulsory for all public servants." (Senior Project Officer, DNRME)

"I liked that the information was related to our day to day work." (Executive Assistant, DES)

"Great refresher course and useful tips." (Principal Governance Officer, DES)

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