my Editing Services

Perfect Documents provides professional and confidential document editing services using the principles of plain English writing.

I edit and refine your important documents and publications, clarifying your message and saving you time and money. I rid your documents of long, complicated sentences, cliches, jargon, bureaucratic language and 'management-speak'. I use plain English to simplify sentences and improve the structure and presentation of the document.

I can improve the following types of documents, making them more readable and easier to understand:

  • briefs and board papers
  • reports
  • brochures, notices and other external publications
  • internal policies and procedures
  • correspondence
  • speeches
  • web content

I also provide an Executive Summary service - concisely summarising lengthy reports and submissions.

Here's how my service works:

Step 1 - call or email me with a description of your document:

  • the document's audience
  • its purpose or intended outcome
  • an indication of the urgency or preferred timeframe
  • the preferred length of the document
  • any other specific requirements or instructions, such as templates or formatting restrictions.

Step 2 - I will respond to you the same day with:

  • a quote to produce the edited document
  • a timeframe for delivery
  • any questions about the work request (if necessary)

Step 3 - you confirm the order by email.

Step 4 - I will provide the edited document by the agreed date with an invoice. Information on my prices can be found here.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

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