Below are some simple examples of how plain English can make your documents clearer and easier to understand:

Before: "The objective of this policy is to improve the understanding of public health data."

After: "This policy makes it easier to understand public health data."

Before: "It is the Board's recommendation that..."

After: "The Board recommends..."

Before: "The implementation of this policy, which will be undertaken by the human resources branch, will be achieved by April."

After: "Human Resources branch will implement this policy by April."

Before: "Based on the current challenges to provide usable, accurate and on time reporting on projects the Board realised that raising the level of project management maturity would be highly beneficial for the large part of the organisation."

After: "The Board agreed that a more structured and planned approach to project management and reporting in the organisation is a priority."

Attached is an example of a typical draft committee paper and a version edited in plain English by Perfect Documents.

Perfect Documents 2015