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Example board paper on project management (before editing)


To aquaint the Board with a structured framework to strengthen the organisation?s approach to managing projects.


It is recommended that the Board notes and endorses the paper.


The need to provide business units with knowledge and tools to adopt a more structured approach in managing project related tasks has been recognised by the Board. During the February Board meeting new project management documentation was circulated. The value of raising the awareness of project management methodology and concepts has been recognised and the Board has requested a department-wide initiative to address this.


Based on the current challenges to provide usable, accurate and on time reporting on projects, raising the level of project management maturity would be highly beneficial for the large part of the organisation. Previous efforts to introduce highly administrative project processes to business areas have had some unwanted impact on a number of areas due to large administrative overheads associated with those frameworks. Currently there is a mix of methodologies in use within the organisation which can cause differences in terminology and processes.

Proposed Course of Action

To address the abovementioned issues and gain recognition of the value of using the structured management of projects by the business areas, provision of one day courses for all staff involved in managing projects at no cost to the business units is proposed. In addition, the development and distribution of simplified project management frameworks is proposed. Finally, a rigorous project management reporting regime is also proposed.

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