Plain English Writing for government

Are you new to a government role? Do you write emails, memos, letters, minutes or briefs as part of your job? Does your department require you to write in certain templates or styles? Are you worried about how to write in the "government style"?

All public servants write every day. This course will show you how to plan your writing to make it quicker and easier - no matter whether it's a short email or a lengthy report. It will help you understand how plain English can be used to write shorter documents that are clearer and more effective.

The course uses real examples of government writing from your business area and templates from your department. You will take away tools and tips to make your writing tasks easier and reduce the number of re-writes!


  • 1/2 Day (9.30am - 1.00pm)

Who should attend?

  • Levels AO2 - SO (and their equivalents)
  • Departmental induction programs
  • Anyone new to government

Number of participants

  • Minimum 10 people, maximum 20 people

Course contents

  • Why is writing for government special?
  • What is plain English?
  • Reader-focused writing
  • Planning your writing
  • Structure and style
  • Making a start
  • Tips for effective writing
  • Common errors and pitfalls
  • Using government templates and formats


  • Post-course advice and support


  • From $200 per person (ex-GST)
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